Amazing Video! The Fair Of Hyderabad


This is a carnival sideshow featuring a silo– or barrel-shaped wooden cylinder, typically ranging from 20 to 36 feet (6.1 to 11.0 m) in diameter and made of wooden planks, inside which motorcyclists, or the drivers of miniature automobiles, travel along the vertical wall and perform stunts Hope you like this video Please Subscribe my channel for more video like this.

Show your extreme sports car driving skills as racing on impossible track takes courage. Survive enemy attacks and avoid obstacle course in this vintage cars battle. Race, crash and burnout cruiser car in this real well of death car derby race. An ultimate blend of demolition derby racing and well of death simulator games. Totally new concept of impossible car crash racing like never seen before. Prove yourself and be a real car rider by driving suv prado car on deadly wooden ramps. Stunt car destruction physics like in crash of cars test simulation.

The rules are same as driving muscle car in demolition derby race on impossible roads. Well of death is a famous racing arena in south asia. Made with wooden ramps, it is extremely difficult to control and balance stunt mcqueen cars or dirt bike. Driving heavy duty offroad suv prado in deadly wooden cage is nearly impossible. Race against time and destroy mad rivals vehicles in smash racing madness. Race through checkpoints to avoid obstacle course and perform super stunts to be the champion of death well.
Slowly I learned to ride a bike. Even after doing other work, I had a passion for adventure and it ended there.

It is fun to applaud death every day. At first there is fear but as the experience grows, the fear disappears. Bhurabhai, a Bhopal teacher who drives both cars and bikes, said he chose something new for employment. No longer interested in other work. Once the technique of driving cars and bikes is mastered, then driving in the well of death is not a problem. The government expects a scheme to encourage artists. “Artists play games with death every day to entertain the people,” says Zakirbha, who digs wells at the fair. I have been running fairs for 3 years. Artists keep coming and playing in the well of death

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