Gujarat Government Will Give The Tablet Before Diwali To The Student


Gujarat Government Will Give The Tablet Before Diwali To The Student | GSTV News Report

More than 72000 students of 2019-20 could not be given tablets due to Corona under the Gujarat government’s plan to give tablets to first year students of colleges after STD 10th & 12th at Rs.1000.

Apart from this, tablets have not been given to more than 3 lakh students of last year i.e. 2020-21. The government has recently placed an order for 3 lakh tablets for students of both the years and the tablets will be distributed before Diwali.

Every year two and a half lakh students of higher education are given tablets by the Gujarat government and in which students are registered at the college level for one thousand rupees.

Tablets were distributed to one to one and a half lakh students in January 2019-20, but tablets were yet to be distributed to 70,000 to 80,000 students and the remaining amount was yet to come from the company and was distributed to students following the lockdown that began in March.

Complaints that the tablet provided by the government belonged to a Chinese company outside the country sparked controversy and the government had to cancel the order.

In addition to the remaining students of 2019-20 following the Corona, more than 2 lakh students who were admitted to colleges in the first year last year could not be given tablets. Finally, the government has recently finalized the tablet order and the order has been placed with an Indian tablet maker.

The government has so far ordered the remaining 72000 thousand students for 2019-20 and 2.25 lakh students for 2020-21 for a total of 3 lakh tablets.

According to the information received, the tablets will be distributed before Diwali and the first tablets will be given to 72000 thousand students in 2019-20. Most of these students are from GTU’s technical colleges. It is important to note that under the scheme of giving tablets to first year students, students will now get tablets in the third year of study instead of the first year.

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