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This is why the road rules in most countries forbid overtaking at intersections. But the moron filming it kept going, even as the truck started to pull out :rollseyes: Truckers driving too fast, uneven loads and just plain carelessness combined with people who shouldn’t be behind the wheel of a car.

There were also accidents in Great Briain, because sometimes dove the cars on the left side on the streets, or not? Traffic is dangoures in every country. Fortunatelly I drive seldom and did not see such drivers. And dashcams are here partly forbidden. Publishing as well.

Well…if the drivers are aware that they carried heavy load on their trucks they must be carefully drive but their not. They are just so careless. The real moral is that people need to stop trying to cut off 18 wheelers. A good 70% of those accidents are from people doing exactly that. The ones that were actually caused by the truck drivers were horrible to watch.

Yes and this why when you breakdown or have an accident you move it straight away to the side of the road when able. Not stop and work out who’s in the wrong or what the damage is. Trucks fully loaded have no stopping power.

I love how a majority of the cars not involved by a lucky near miss, just drive away, or spot a gap in the wreckage and slalom through it to safety & continue with their day.

I’ve seen a lot of trucks that have hit bridges… but I’ve never seen a whole bridge span come down like that. It almost looks as though that whole section of the bridge was just laying on the supports without actually being fastened in any way.

Location? I’m going Eastern Europe, Russia maybe Far East. What’s really needed is a full and frank discussion with the drivers about just what the hell was going through their mind at the time of the accident to include a discussion about whether they truly felt driving a mini was good experience for driving an articulated lorry. Without exception they demonstrate a complete lack of appreciation about driving these monsters. Having said all that I naturally hope there were no fatalities involved. Right need to cross visiting Eastern Europe off my bucket list.
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